We are a Charlotte-based non-profit committed to connecting business leaders, educating the community, and finding tactical solutions on how diversity and inclusion can give companies a competitive advantage in the new global economy. This advantage, if cultivated and leveraged, will allow our businesses and entrepreneurs to drive innovation and help build a better tomorrow for all.

Our Core Values




Continuous Learning

Connecting People. Exchanging Ideas. Creating Opportunity.


Our Vision

We believe diversity will give our nation a competitive advantage in the new global economy where ideas, concepts, knowledge, and people have become a company’s most important assets.

Business Discussion
Business People Applauding

Our Objectives

Workforce Diversity & Inclusion
Objective 1: Provide innovative ideas on the recruitment, hiring, and retention of a diverse workforce.
Objective 2: Provide a best practices platform of inclusion as a model for increasing individual and/or corporate leadership and development.
Sustainable Impact
Objective 1: Deliver relevant forums by providing meaningful topics resulting in participation growth.
Objective 2: Provide an environment conducive to learning.